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Revolutionizing Industrial Floors: KCI Technologies Unveils RoboFlat – A Game-Changer in Concrete Testing


Robert Tavares

May 14, 2024 - 16:28 pm


KCI Technologies Launches RoboFlat to Revolutionize Concrete Floor Flatness and Levelness Testing

SPARKS, Md., May 14, 2024 – KCI Technologies Inc., a leader in engineering and consulting with a national presence, is thrilled to announce the debut of its groundbreaking product, RoboFlat™. This cutting-edge, cloud-based solution is tailored to revolutionize the way concrete floor flatness and levelness are tested across various facilities equipped with robotics. RoboFlat is engineered to automate and expedite the testing processes, handling substantial data quantities and providing swift, accurate results. Contractors and facility owners can now feel confident that their floors will adhere to the strictest flatness stipulations necessary for their operations.

Introducing RoboFlat - The Future of Floor Testing

RoboFlat signifies a significant leap forward in the industry of concrete floor testing by deploying laser-scanned point cloud data for detailed analysis and evaluation. The software automates traditionally labor-intensive, step-by-step procedures, thus simplifying the entire testing process. Spanning multiple floor standards, RoboFlat is versatile enough to be customized for varying specification requirements.

When addressing problems with floor flatness, RoboFlat is instrumental for remediation teams. They can swiftly pinpoint issues in concrete slabs, visualizing them through heat and contour maps that reflect cut and fill values. The software’s ability to overlay precise and detailed results onto existing floor designs allows for a comprehensive understanding and assessment of the floor's condition. Furthermore, with its report generation capability, the product empowers users to create customizable reports for effective communication with all relevant project stakeholders.

Jeanne Ruthloff, KCI's Technology & Innovation Sector President, underscores the importance of RoboFlat by stating, "In the age where automation is becoming increasingly prevalent in warehouses and related facilities, it becomes imperative to conduct floor flatness and levelness analyses with both speed and precision. Delays in project schedules and operations must be avoided." With KCI's expertise and a proven track record in the LiDAR and surveying sectors, the firm has crafted RoboFlat as an adaptable and potent solution for comprehensive analysis of floor flatness, levelness, and overall curvature.

Designed with accessibility in mind, RoboFlat features an intuitive setup wizard that assists users in initiating their floor flatness and levelness tests. Its robust data management system provides the ability to upload data sets and securely retains the results. For those interested in experiencing the advanced capabilities of RoboFlat firsthand, KCI Technologies offers a fully functional trial available at

About KCI Technologies Inc.

As an organization ranked among the country's top 100 engineering firms by Engineering News-Record, KCI Technologies Inc. is known for its commitment to quality and innovation. The firm boasts over 2,000 dedicated employee-owners who cater to clients across the U.S. from various regional offices. KCI's array of services encompasses environmental, transportation, telecommunications, technology, construction, facilities, and land development projects, tailored to an extensive portfolio of government, institutional, and private-sector clients. For further information about the company's robust offerings, one can visit

Contact Information

For media inquiries related to KCI Technologies and the robust capabilities of RoboFlat, please reach out to Whitney Shumaker, Director of Corporate Communications, at 410-316-7837, or [email protected]

With the launch of RoboFlat, KCI Technologies marks a new era in the domain of warehouse automation and industrial floor management. This product is set to serve as a benchmark in the industry and pave the way for future innovations that continue to support and enhance the rapidly evolving needs of facilities requiring precise and reliable floor flatness testing methodologies.

Expanding the Horizons with RoboFlat - A Technical Deep Dive

RoboFlat is not just a product; it is the embodiment of KCI Technologies' pursuit of excellence and commitment to its clients. This innovative concrete floor testing platform is a result of meticulous research and development, ensuring that every aspect of floor flatness and levelness testing is covered with unmatched precision and efficiency.

At the core of RoboFlat's technology lies the ability to handle and process point cloud data from laser scanners. This enables a sophisticated level of analysis that was previously unattainable, or at best, required a substantial allocation of time and resources. RoboFlat cuts through the complexity by offering a straightforward, automated solution that serves to bolster productivity and accuracy.

The distinct features of heat mapping and contouring allow for a visual depiction of the floor's condition that is immediately understandable. Detailed cut and fill values provide a granular view of the floor slab, equipping remediation teams with actionable information. Moreover, the customizable reports generated by RoboFlat serve as critical pieces of documentation — a communication tool that is indispensable for meetings, presentations, and record-keeping.

KCI Technologies understands that technology only truly shines when it is accessible to its users, irrespective of their technical proficiency. RoboFlat's user-friendly interface and the setup wizard exemplify this ethos, ensuring a painless and efficient start-up experience for new users. By simplifying what is typically seen as a complex process, RoboFlat allows more professionals to leverage this advanced technology, irrespective of their background in floor testing.

Transforming Industries with Precision Floor Analysis

The advent of RoboFlat is set to have far-reaching implications across various sectors where floor flatness is a critical factor. Industries such as warehousing, manufacturing, and retail, which are leaning toward an increased adoption of automated technologies, are poised to benefit significantly from this innovative product.

Warehouse operations, for example, have become more dependent on robotics and automated systems which require exceptionally flat and level floors to operate optimally. RoboFlat’s precision in detecting even the slightest variations in floor levelness can substantially mitigate the risk of malfunction or downtime in these automated systems, thereby ensuring smooth logistical processes.

KCI’s RoboFlat is not just beneficial for new floors in the planning and construction phases but is equally advantageous for existing facilities undergoing refurbishment or upgrades. By using advanced analytics and detailed laser-scanned data, floors can be assessed quickly, and remedial actions can be directed precisely where needed, minimizing disruption and costs.

The Trial Experience and KCI's Offering

The complimentary trial of RoboFlat available at is an excellent opportunity for contractors, engineers, and facility managers to acquaint themselves with the capabilities of this innovative product. Prospective users can witness firsthand how RoboFlat can integrate seamlessly into their workflow, providing rapid results that fortify the decision-making process.


In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements and the growing need for precision in structural projects, RoboFlat stands out as a paragon of innovation. KCI Technologies continues to demonstrate its leadership in the engineering and consulting industry with this pioneering step. By elevating the standards of concrete floor flatness and levelness testing with RoboFlat, they are set to empower a myriad of industries for years to come.

Should you desire further understanding or wish to keep abreast with the latest developments from KCI Technologies Inc., you are invited to visit their informative website at

The world of engineering and floor testing will undoubtedly be keenly observing the ramifications of RoboFlat's launch and the substantial improvements it brings. As KCI Technologies forges ahead with invigorated resolve, it leads the charge in the transformation of foundational assessments, safeguarding the integrity and functionality of floors in today's automation-driven facilities.

It is through innovations like RoboFlat, that KCI Technologies Inc. exemplifies its role as a beacon of progress and reliability in the industry. Partners, clients, and the broader engineering community stand to gain significantly from this development, and the level of anticipation surrounding its potential impact is palpable. For more details on RoboFlat, visit and step into the future of concrete floor testing.

KCI Technologies Inc. cordially invites all interested parties to discover the full potential of RoboFlat, a testament to the company's dedication to delivering solutions that are not just evolutionary but revolutionary. As RoboFlat takes its rightful place at the forefront of floor testing solutions, it does not just signify progress; it is progress.